Sahara Packing Company

About Us


Family run operation

Though you may not have seen us in a while, Sahara Packing is not a new name in the Produce Industry. Started by our family patriach, John Elmore in 1968, the Elmore Family has been growing, shipping, and selling produce for nearly 50 years. Today, Sahara Packing is owned by John's sons, Howard and Richard, and operated by their children, Howard's daughter, Kate and Richard's sons, Eric and Grant. With the next generation joining the family business, we are excited to bring you the finest asparagus grown by our family in the Ensenada region of Baja California. Our product has been of the highest caliber over the almost eighteen years we've been producing in the region and we are committed to delivering the best product-responsibly grown, packed and shipped and it taste great too! For the first time in a number of years, Sahara is excited to also be growing and shipping our beautiful artichokes also grown in Ensenada. 


Where we grow and operate

All of our Asparagus and Artichokes are grown south of Ensenada, BCS. We have been growers in the region for 18 years and all product is packed at our facility in Ensenada. Howard oversees the growing operation along with our amazing team in Mexico. Our sales operation is based in the Imperial Valley, where our family has been living and farming for nearly 100 years.


Let us be your provider

While we may not have been marketing our product in the past, our product is known for its quality. We wholeheartedly believe in our product and would love to help deliver your customers the best asparagus and artichokes in the business!